Welcome to kinetico

Our company pays great attention to the phase of choosing professional employees to join its harmonious team.

Therefore, due to the sensitivity of such positions, we always take into our consideration that the new member shall add new value to the groups efforts wherever he carries out his duties, regardless of the department.

Our company provides job opportunity in an environment full of freedom and trust.

To achieve that goal, we have developed a guide that indicates the hierarchy of jobs, grades, job name, bonus and incentives and training courses so that our employees can increase their professionalism. The Company seeks to hire those who have talents in labor market to benefit from their great long experience.

The company works on increasing the number of teams in order to be able to expand on the level of areas of work and geographical location. We are taking the Saudization into our consideration, but in a balanced way.

So, if you are looking for a job opportunity, please send your CV at the following e-mail: