Kinetico Dance Company

Take more chances, dance more dances.

Kinetico Dance Company is our professional dance academy for girls of all ages. Established in 2009, KDC celebrates over 14 years of training wildly creative, gifted and hardworking young Saudi females to do what they love, and do it brilliantly! 


To provide students of all ages an encouraging environment where they are given the opportunity to grow and excel as creative individuals. We strive to deliver the highest quality of training, while nurturing each student’s unique gift of talent and creativity. We wish to encourage our students to achieve their fullest potential – to support them as they grow artistically and academically, and develop into well-rounded individuals – nourished in body, mind and spirit. 


We strive to educate our dancers in all disciplines of dance: Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theater, Pointe, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, & Gymnastics through ongoing technical training with our dedicated faculty. KDC ensures that the curriculum is constantly revised and refreshed to embrace new movement styles and reacts to the demands of the art form.